A Monkey in Winter

ژانـر کمدی | درام

سال 1962 مدت زمان 01:45:00

کارگردان Henri Verneuil

نویسنده Antoine Blondin | François Boyer | Michel Audiard

استودیو Cité Films | Compagnie Internationale de Productions Cinématographiques (CIPRA)

کشور سازنده France


"آلبرت" مسافرخانه داری است که قسم خورده اگر او و همسرش از جنگ جان سالم بدر ببرند هیچوقت لب به الکل نزند. آنها موفق شده و او سر قول خود می ماند. اما زمانه تغییر کرده و مدت کمی پس از جنگ او با "گابریل" جوان آشنا می شود و...

Albert is an inn owner who vowed never to drink again if he and his wife survived the war. They did, and the reformed alcoholic keeps his vow. But times have changed and soon after the war, Albert comes in contact with Gabriel, a young man prone to heavy bouts with the bottle. Gabriel is conflicted over visiting his young daughter in a nearby school and in a moment of nostalgia, Albert takes off with him on one major binge -- and havoc results.

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