A Year of the Quiet Sun

ژانـر درام | عاشقانه | جنگی

سال 1984 مدت زمان 01:50:00

کارگردان Krzysztof Zanussi

نویسنده Krzysztof Zanussi

استودیو Regina Ziegler Filmproduktion | TeleCulture | Zespol Filmowy "Tor"

کشور سازنده Italy Poland West Germany


مدت کمی پس از جنگ جهانی دوم،یک سرباز آمریکایی "نورمن" و یک پناهنده لهستانی "امیلیا" عمیقا عاشق هم می شوند.در نهایت "نورمن" به کشورش بازگشته و انتظار پیوستن "امیلیا" را دارد.مادر "امیلیا" بیمار است اما با داروهای موجود می تواند بهبود پیدا کند.اما مادرش می داند تنها یکی از آنها به آمریکا خواهند رفت و...

Shortly after World War II an American soldier (Norman) and a Polish refugee (Emilia) fall in deep love. Eventually he will return to the U.S. and both expect that she will soon follow him. Emilia's mother is sick, but would recover by available medicine. Somehow the mother, but not Emilia, knows that there will only be one ticket. Realizing that Emilia would never abandon her, the mother secretly throws away the daily doses given her by Emilia, and dies. Somehow Emilia discovers her mother's sacrifice and refuses to benefit from it. She gives the ticket to a female friend and retreats to a cloister, living like the nuns except not wearing their dress and not having given a promise to stay forever. For decades she will apparently live in peace. Then a nun tells her that Norman has died and has bequeathed his fortune to Emilia. The nun suggests that Emilia gives the money to the cloister. But from that moment Emilia's religious devotion flies away. She only thinks of going as speedily as possible to America to see Norman's grave.

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