ژانـر درام | خانوادگی

سال 2014 مدت زمان 01:36:00

کارگردان Pang Ho-cheung

نویسنده Pang Ho-cheung

استودیو Huayi Brothers | Making Film | Sil-Metropole Organisation

کشور سازنده Hong Kong SAR China


The sleepy fishing town of Aberdeen was where the British landed to take Hong Kong, hence its Chinese name: “Little Hong Kong”. Likewise, the Cheng family embodies a microcosm of our city, with its contradictions between modernity and traditions, family and individuality. Aberdeen is at once intimate and sprawling, revealing uniquely troubled characters, from the eldest, the Taoist priest patriarch Dong, to the youngest, the bullied elementary schooler Chloe. Pang mixes his signature humor with the fantastical, incorporating dreams, the supernatural and other surprises to distinguish this star-studded film from ordinary family drama.

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