Another Barrio

ژانـر درام

سال 2017 مدت زمان 01:30:00

کارگردان Dante Betteo

استودیو Sector 5 Films

کشور سازنده United States

زیرنویس چسبیده

گزارش های آتش سوزی، اخراج و اعتراضات خیابانی ؛بازرس باب مورالس که از مظنونین بازجویی می کند این داستان را بازگو می کند ...

As if ripped from today's headlines reporting fires, evictions and street protests, "Another Barrio" tells the story of housing inspector Bob Morales as he investigates the suspicious circumstances of a fatal fire. While investigating a residential hotel in San Francisco's Latino Mission District, Morales finds himself face to face with corruption at City Hall and the mysterious Sofia Nido, a beautiful flame from his past. Morales must also confront his own demons while investigating the crime and ends up caught in a dangerous web of deceit, as he gets drawn into the seedy underworld of bribery, corruption and murder. This independent Neo-noir feature film, based on a story by San Francisco Poet Laureate Alejandro Murguia, takes viewers deep into neighborhoods and communities seldom seen on film, while addressing issues around gentrification and displacement of low-income communities along the way.

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