Being Good

ژانـر کمدی | درام | خانوادگی

سال 2015 مدت زمان 02:00:00

کارگردان Mipo Oh

نویسنده Hatsue Nakawaki | Ryô Takada


کشور سازنده Japan


داستان فیلم بر روی افرادی تمرکز دارد که از نعمت های یک خانواده مناسب بهره مند نبوده اند و احساسات درونشان مُرده است. افرادی که مورد تعرض دیگران قرار گرفته اند یا از آنها سوء استفاده شده. است اما چاره کار تنها "مهربانی" است. مهربانی از سوی جامعه و دیگران نسبت به این افراد می تواند آنها را نجات دهد...

This movie has an ensemble cast which draws normal people who might be living next door, in any normal town. And it draws various problems like child abuse, chain of abuse, negligence, teasing, which might exist in any town, more than a little. The problems could be solved sometimes by "kindness" and "consideration" of people. When it comes to know in a family which is closest and smallest community for us that there is someone who has lost those feelings, what people can do? If it comes to know, just go and talk. Just go and hold their hand. It is possible that people could be saved only by that. Plants die if they don't receive nutrient, people also die without the "kindness" of someone. The "kindness" can definitely save someone, it blossoms flower in that person and someone else could also be saved. There is possibility, since everyone was once a child and someone's neighbor. This movie draws the light arising out of series of such feeling.

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