Blue Exorcist: The Movie

ژانـر ماجراجویی | انیمیشن | خانوادگی | فانتزی

سال 2012 مدت زمان 01:28:00

کارگردان Atsushi Takahashi

نویسنده Kazue Katô | Reiko Yoshida

استودیو A-1 Pictures | Aniplex

کشور سازنده Japan


ساتان، خدای شیاطین است، اما فقط یک چیز هست که او ندارد، و اون ماده ایست که در جهان انسان ها وجود دارد که باعث بیشتر شدن قدرتش می شود! به همین هدف، او پسری به نام رین را بوجود می آورد، اما این پسر، بچه یک انسان نیز هست...

Rin and his friends, along with the rest of True Cross Academy Town, are in the midst of preparing for a festival that is celebrated only once every 11 years. While the barriers protecting the city from demon intrusions are being repaired, Rin and his twin brother Yukio are sent to the scene of an exorcism as reinforcements. Things take a turn for the worse and as they attempt to salvage their mission, they meet a mysterious young boy that may threaten everything that they know. Meanwhile, Cheng-Long Liu, a First Class Senior Exorcist from the Taiwan Branch, joins the 'simple' repair operation that forces his fate to cross with 'Satan's spawn', Rin.

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