ژانـر درام

سال 2019 مدت زمان 01:36:00

کارگردان Julien Abraham

نویسنده Nicolas Peufaillit | Julien Abraham | Jimmy Laporal-Trésor

استودیو Diversy Films | Ex Nihilo

کشور سازنده France


داستان این فیلم درباره ی مرد جوانی به نام تدی است که به دلیل دفاع و مراقبت از برادر کوچکترش در برابر پدری خیلی خشن متهم به قتل پدرش می شود و …

Because he wanted to protect his little brother, Teddy, a young man without a history, is accused of the murder of his father and sent to a closed educational center, waiting for his trial for parricide. He then plunges into a brutal universe of which he does not know the rules.

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