De verbouwing

ژانـر درام | تریلر

سال 2012 مدت زمان 01:41:00

کارگردان Will Koopman

نویسنده Lex Wertwijn

استودیو Column Film | Entertainment One | Grobbendonk Films

کشور سازنده Belgium Netherlands


"تسا" کلینیک لاکچری خود را با مهمانی بزرگی افتتاح میکند. او باهوش، زیبا، زرنگ و به خوشحالی متاهل است و صاحب یک فرزند است ...

Tessa opens her luxurious clinic with a big party. She is smart, beautiful, savvy, and happily married with an intelligent adolescent son. But appearances are deceptive. In reality, her marriage is falling apart, her house renovation is a disaster and the finances of her clinic are a mess. Desperate, she accepts the helping hand of a friend from the past who has turned up suddenly, but in doing so, opens herself up to an ordeal of terror and blackmail.

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