Desert Blue

ژانـر درام

سال 1998 مدت زمان 01:30:00

کارگردان Morgan J. Freeman

نویسنده Morgan J. Freeman

استودیو HSX Films | Ignite Entertainment

کشور سازنده United States


یک دانشگاهی با وسواس “جاذبه های کنار جاده ای” و دختر تلویزیون ستاره خود را در نهایت کشف بزرگترین بستنی جهان می کند ولی …

An academic obsessed with "roadside attractions" and his tv-star daughter finally discover the world's largest ice cream cone, the centerpiece for an old gold-rush town struggling to stay on the map. They end up staying longer than expected because of an accident that spilled an unknown cola ingredient all over the highway. They spend the next few days with the various residents of the town which include a teenage girl who loves to blow things up and a boy trying to keep alive his fathers dream of building a beachside resort in the middle of the desert.

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