Domina Nocturna

ژانـر ترسناک

سال 2021 مدت زمان 01:14:00

کارگردان Larissa Anzoategui

نویسنده Ramiro Giroldo

استودیو Astaroth Produções

کشور سازنده Brazil


فیلمی با بازی لاریسا آنزواتگویی ، ناتالیا بوریولی و رناتا کاسرس است. وقتی آنجلیک ، قهرمان جوان و محکوم ما ، سرگردان از تاریکی و هنگام گشت و گذار در یک شهر مرده ، دچار دیدهای توهم انگیز می شود ...

Haunted by the darkness as she wanders through a dead city, our young, doomed heroine Angelique is stricken with hallucinatory visions as she learns the story of a cruel and loveless vampiress. Her visions are of the bizarre rituals that imprison a group of Satanic worshippers in a cycle of dying passion, and who seek to survive beyond the grave. In Angelique's ears, only the music of the gothic atmosphere flows to augment her quest into the horror and the passion of the dead - and no voice can rise above it. A haunting, enigmatic tribute to the classic Euro-Horror works of Jean Rollin and Jess Franco. Brazilian filmmaker Larissa Anzoategui created a film inspired by authors Lord Byron and the Brazilian Álvares de Azevedo and Anzoategui's passion for expressionist aesthetics. The cast and crew was composed completely of women under the direction of Larissa Anzoategui ("Astaroth") in her sophomore film.

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