Edge of Madness

ژانـر درام

سال 2002 مدت زمان 01:39:00

کارگردان Anne Wheeler

نویسنده Alice Munro | Charles K. Pitts | Anne Wheeler

استودیو CinéGroupe | Gregorian Films

کشور سازنده Canada United States


"آنی" به یک شهر شلوغ سفر می کند ، جایی که خود را برای هر اتفاقی در برابره همسرش آماده کرده است ، اما "آنی" هرگز نمی پنداشت که این عشق تبدیل به جنون شود ...

1851, Manitoba's Red River Valley. As winter sets in, a young woman on the edge of madness arrives exhausted at the fort, a wilderness station, claiming she murdered her husband. She's placed in a cell; for the next several months, she sews while the local prefect, Henry Mullen, investigates. In flashbacks we see her arranged marriage to the hard-working but angry Simon, who takes her to his half-built homestead and abuses her. She's treated well by his younger brother George, with whom she laughs, but he's too weak to protect her. Is she guilty? At the homestead, Mullen hears a different story, one that exonerates Annie. Can he unearth the truth? Then what?

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