Her Love Boils Bathwater

ژانـر درام

سال 2016 مدت زمان 02:05:00

کارگردان Ryôta Nakano

نویسنده Ryôta Nakano

استودیو Hakuhodo DY Music & Pictures | NTT Plala | Pipeline

کشور سازنده Japan


مادری متوجه می شود که فقط دو ماه از زندگی اش باقی مانده و باید در این مدت زمان به اوضاع خانواده اش سر و سامان دهد.

A strict, but caring mother has an awakening when she is told she has cancer and it is terminal. She has a few months. She needs to complete her tasks in that short time frame. She needs to retrieve her husband who has vanished and get the family business restarted. She needs to help her daughter be able to pick after herself. Will the family bonds grow stronger or wither?

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