Hope's Legacy

ژانـر درام

سال 2021 مدت زمان 01:43:00

کارگردان Douglas B. Maddox

نویسنده Douglas B. Maddox | Simon K. Parker

استودیو DBM Films

کشور سازنده United States


گاهی اوقات امید تنها چیزی است که نیاز دارید، اما به راحتی نمی توانید امید را پیدا کنید. لیزی بعد از مرگ مادربزرگش اکنون بر روی مزرعه کار می کند و ...

Sometimes hope is all you need, but sometimes it can be hard to find. Faced with the death of her beloved grandmother, Lizzie now focuses on the farm, her horses and three day eventing. With her upcoming marriage to James threatened and challenged by a beautiful girl from James's past, Lizzy must learn to stand on her own two feet but with Legacy by her side she can do it. It's a competitive world but she's determined to make it work in 'Hope's Legacy'. Lizzie will need to conquer her bullies and overcome 3 competitions including, show jumping, cross country and dressage with her young horse, Legacy. Her manger played by Dyan Cannon, is by her side all the way but her past catches up with her and Lizzie. Lizzie needs to make a choice to stop it all or go for the gold.

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