How to Follow Strangers

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سال 2013 مدت زمان 01:26:00

کارگردان Chioke Nassor

نویسنده Chioke Nassor

کشور سازنده United States


یک داستان واقعی در مورد زنی که در آپارتمانش فوت می کند و یک سال بعد مردم جسد در حال تجزیه اش را پیدا می کنند. یک مرد جوان با دیدن این فاجعه دچار وسواس می شود و...

There is a true story of a woman who died in her apartment and it took people a year to find her body decomposing in a crisp Chanel suit. A young man becomes obsessed with this urban tragedy and disappears, wondering if anyone will notice. A young woman who shares his commuting schedule DOES notice. And when he resurfaces, she decides to follow him setting of a chain of events that bind them together...

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