Iqro: My Universe

ژانـر درام | خانوادگی

سال 2019 مدت زمان 01:41:00

کارگردان Iqbal Alfajri

نویسنده Budiyati Abiyoga | Iqbal Alfajri | Aisyah Amirah

استودیو Bumi Prasidi Bi-Epsi | Masjid Salman ITB | PT Mitra Andalas Visual

کشور سازنده Indonesia


Aqilla has aspirations to become an astronaut, Her grandfather, an astronomer, is a place where Aqilla learned a lot and asked questions. Aqilla's hobbies in outer space make her compete with June, her schoolmate, a transfer student from England who also has similar interests. They compete to make a vlog of people who are instrumental in the world of science, especially outer space. Thed prize: visit the Astronaut Training Center. Aqilla immediately thinks of Opa in his vlog. It turns out that Opa has gone to England to help with a research. Raudhah, Aqilla's teacher, gives a book to Aqilla about Tsurayya, an Indonesian astronaut who is conducting research on plants to be sent into space. Aqilla tries hard to meet and ask her to be part of her vlog.

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