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ژانـر اکشن | بیوگرافی | درام | جنگی

سال 2013 مدت زمان 01:52:00

کارگردان Pepe Danquart

نویسنده Heinrich Hadding | Pepe Danquart | Uri Orlev

استودیو A Company Filmproduktionsgesellschaft | ARD Degeto Film | ARTE

کشور سازنده France Germany Poland


Srulik, an eight-year-old boy, flees from the Warsaw ghetto in 1942. He attempts to survive, at first alone in the forest, and then as a Christian orphan named Jurek on a Polish farm. Throughout his ordeal, his Jewish identity is in danger of being lost. The story is based on the bestseller by Uri Orlev.

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