Lightning Bug

ژانـر درام

سال 2004 مدت زمان 01:37:00

کارگردان Robert Hall

نویسنده Robert Hall

استودیو Dry County Films

کشور سازنده United States


داستان فیلم در مورد یک پسر جوان است که مشتاق برای فرار از بدبختی دوران کودکی و زادگاهش است...

A drama/thriller, set in the South, about a young boy who longs to escape the misery of his childhood and the misunderstanding of his hometown. A gifted, self-taught, special effects make-up artist, Green dreams of going to Hollywood to make his own monsters. But the real demons of Green's life threaten to hold him back: a drunken stepfather who terrorizes his mother, a group of religious fanatics who want to destroy his work, and the love of a girl who can't let go of small town life.

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