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کارگردان Nancy Vazquez | Michele Frantzeskos

نویسنده Nancy Vazquez

استودیو Life Through a Scope Production

کشور سازنده United States


لیندا بلیک دختر جوانی است که در سیستم مراقبت های کودکان پذیرفته و خارج می شود. او در حالی که در خانه های نگهداری بزرگ می شود ، بارها و بارها سو استفاده را تحمل می کند . او به دلیل شدت آزارها ، زندگی خطرناکی و بی پروا و پر از اندوه و درد را پشت سر گذاشته و ...

Linda Blake a young girl who has been in and out of the Foster Care System. While growing up in the foster homes, she endured abuse time and time again. Due to the severity of her abuses, she led a dangerous and reckless life filled with sorrow and pain. Later in life as an adult Linda was institutionalized and was forced to deal with her past sins. During her time in the Mental Institution, Linda was introduced to Tasha Clever, a College Student that is there to do a case study on a patient for her college class for the semester. Tasha is there to help Linda face her fears and deal with her mysterious past. Mrs. Clever a savvy businesswoman who is battling cancer, trying desperately to keep her faith. Mr. Clever, a lawyer who is trying to remain strong and keep his family together. They have one child. During this film, it will have you go thru all different emotions, but most importantly you will be left with knowing that you can surpass this ,move forward and start anew.

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