ژانـر درام

سال 2023 مدت زمان 01:48:00

کارگردان Angela Schanelec

نویسنده Angela Schanelec

استودیو Arte [de] | Dart Film & Video | Ekome

کشور سازنده France Germany Greece Serbia


داستان پسر کوچکی به‌نام جان که در یک شب طوفانی در کوه‌های یونان رها شد و به سرپرستی گرفته شد تا اینکه در جوانی...

Abandoned at birth in the Greek mountains on a stormy night, Jon is taken in and adopted, without having known his father or mother. As a young man, he meets Iro, a warden in the prison where he is incarcerated after a deadly tragic accident. She seems to seek out his presence, takes care of him, records music for him. Jon's eyesight begins to fail... From then on, for every loss he suffers, he will gain something in return. Thus, in spite of going blind, he will live his life more fully than ever.

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