Origins of Life

ژانـر مستند | کوتاه

سال 2001 مدت زمان 00:39:00

کارگردان Gérald Calderon

نویسنده Gérald Calderon | Bernhard Elsner

استودیو Canal+ | Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image Animée | Cofimage 11

کشور سازنده France


Take a majestic dive into the heart of the Ocean Origins, thrilled by the magic of the large format and enhanced with spellbinding music, Ocean Origins invites us to an extraordinary adventure: 4 billion years in the ocean, from the beginning of life until that incredible moment when the first vertebrate emerged onto dry land and opened the path to the conquest of the continents. With fascinating footage applying micro and macro-cinematography techniques filming creatures that are stil alive today, Ocean Origins shows how life forms diversified after the first bacteria appeared. Enhanced with spellbinding music composed by Bruno Coulais (Microcosmos, Himalaya) this film is a majestic invitation to dive into the heart of the Ocean Origins.

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