Sonic Sea

ژانـر مستند

سال 2016 مدت زمان 01:00:00

کارگردان Michelle Dougherty | Daniel Hinerfeld

نویسنده Mark Monroe

استودیو Imaginary Forces

کشور سازنده Bahamas Canada Madagascar Norway United States


مستندی شصت دقیقه ای درباره تأثیر مخرب صدای سیستم های صنعتی و نظامی اقیانوس ها بر روی نهنگ ها و دیگر حیوانات دریایی . فیلم با مطرح کردن یک معما آغاز می شود: مسئله غیر قابل توضیح مرگ و میر دسته جمعی چندین گونه نهنگ در باهاما در مارس دوهزار.

Sonic Sea is a 60-minute documentary about the devastating impact of industrial and military ocean noise on whales and other marine life. The film begins with a mystery: the unexplained stranding and mass mortality of several species of whales in the Bahamas in March 2000. As the mystery unfolds, the film explores the critical role of sound in the sea, and the sudden, dramatic changes human activity is inflicting on the ocean's delicate acoustic habitat -- changes that threaten the ability of whales and other marine animals to prosper, to function, and ultimately, to survive. Sonic Sea features several charismatic scientists, including Ken Balcomb, the former Navy pilot and acoustics expert who proved to the world that naval sonar is killing whales, as well as the musician and environmental activist, Sting, whose moving interview connects the sonic world of marine life with our sonic world on land. The film offers solutions (and, by extension, hope) for a quieter ocean, and underscores that the ocean's destiny is inextricably bound with our own.

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