ژانـر ماجراجویی | درام

سال 2002 مدت زمان 02:00:00

کارگردان Charles Beeson

نویسنده Johann David Wyss | Anton Diether | Greg Dinner

استودیو Hallmark Entertainment | Mat II Productions | RTL

کشور سازنده United States


دیوید رابینسون به جزیره ی دور افتاده تبعید میشود او اجازه دارد که خانواده اش را همراه خود ببرد .اما طوفان کشتی آنها را در هم می شکند. همه اعضای خانواده جز ژاکوپ زیر عرشه کشتی گیر می افتند. ژاکوپ توسط دزدان دریایی بزرگ می شود و خانواده اش ....

David Robinson is being shipped off to a penal colony. His wife and kids are allowed to accompany him. A storm strikes the ship and the family (save for one son, Jacob) are trapped below deck. Jacob is raised by pirates, and the family gets out of the boat and on to land, salvaging as much as they can from the boat, including dogs, chickens, and muskets. They learn to survive and build a shelter on land. Then, Jacob's pirates kidnap Emily, the daughter of a sea-captain. She escapes onto the island and becomes a love interest with Fritz and Ernst. Jacob is reunited with his family during a battle with the pirates over Emily, and she is returned to her father. In the end, the family goes their own ways, some staying on the island, some going home.

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