ژانـر اکشن | جنایی | درام | تریلر

سال 1977 مدت زمان 01:37:00

کارگردان David Wickes

نویسنده Ranald Graham

استودیو Euston Films

کشور سازنده United Kingdom


وقتی یک دوست قدیمی از افسر جک ریگن می خواهد که مرگ مشکوک دوست دخترش را بررسی کند، وی درگیر قضایای خطرناک سیاسی می‎ شود...

Based on the TV series the film follows DI Regan and DS Carter as they became embroiled in a deadly political scandal. One of the leading members of the government, Charles Baker (Ian Bannen) is about to secure a huge deal with OPEC stabilising the world oil market and boosting Britain's position within it. Baker is the rising star of government, regarded a future prime minister, who is closely controlled by his urbane, manipulative American press secretary Elliot McQueen (Barry Foster). When Regan investigates the mysterious death of a prostitute as a favour to one of his informants, he becomes aware that Baker and McQueen might be involved. A spate of killings follow - which sees Regan take on both the criminals and the hierarchy of the Metropolitan Police and British security services.

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