The Conway Curve

ژانـر کمدی | جنایی | درام

سال 2017 مدت زمان 01:30:00

کارگردان Marian Yeager

نویسنده Marian Yeager | Richard Dane Scott

استودیو Conway Curve | MY Productions | Reel Goode Productions

کشور سازنده United States


وقتی پدر ناتالی کانوی درگذشت ، او معتقد است که برای همیشه خواهد بود. بنابراین ، هنگامی که برادر گمشده اش ، لوک ، پس از بیست سال ، برمی گردد...

When Natalie Conway's father passes away, she believes she will forever be on her own. So when her long lost brother, Luke, returns after a twenty-year hiatus she's elated. He's a missing piece to a familial puzzle that she believed lost. There's only one problem - Luke is a notorious scam-artist, and Natalie is the sole heir to their family's small fortune. Her feelings and his motives collide as brother and sister vie to get what they desire.

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