The Moving Forest

ژانـر درام | تریلر

سال 2015 مدت زمان 01:39:00

کارگردان Vinicius Coimbra

نویسنده Vinicius Coimbra | Manuela Dias

استودیو E.H. Filmes | Globo Filmes | Salado

کشور سازنده Brazil

زیرنویس چسبیده

Based on William Shakespeare's "Macbeth". Elias is a successful executive who works in the second largest private bank in Brazil. One day, Elias meets a mysterious woman who claims to be able to predict his future and says he will become vice president that day and the next day, he will become president of the Bank. The wheel of fortune is bound activated and a series of murders is committed by Elias and his wife Clara, leaving a trail of blood on his way to power and making them executioners and victims of their own destinies.

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