The Prey

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سال 2011 مدت زمان 01:42:00

کارگردان Eric Valette

نویسنده Laurent Turner | Luc Bossi | Jeffrey Hylton

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کشور سازنده France

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"فرانک آدرین" پس از سرقت موفق یک بانک دستگیر می شود اما موفق می شود پس از دستگیری پولها را در مکانی نامعلوم مخفی کند.اما تنها پلیس نیست که در جستجوی پولهاست و …

Bank-robber Franck Adrien is serving a prison sentence after robbing a national bank. Before he was caught he managed to hide the money but now it's not just the police who are looking for the money. His cell-mate is Jean-Louis Maurel, an alleged rapist/child molester who claims his innocence. When the court finds Maurel not guilty, Maurel promises to look after Franck's family when he gets out. But one day, a man called Manuel Carrega tells Franck that Maurel is a suspected serial killer and that Franck's family is in danger. Franck escapes from prison and police officer Claire Linné and her team take up the chase.

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