The Price

ژانـر تریلر

سال 2015 مدت زمان 02:25:00

کارگردان Hesham Issawi

نویسنده Amal Afify

استودیو Film house Egypt | IFC Productions | IFCP Egypt

کشور سازنده Egypt


Magdy is a quiet, unassuming Taxi driver with nondescript features and no close associates. When Magdy's wife becomes seriously ill all of Magdy's piteous earnings go to the escalating health costs of keeping her alive. Life presents unexpected opportunities and for Magdy hope arrived in the guise of the notorious Safwat, a corrupt layer. He offers Magdy a chance to earn enough money to not only pay for the surgery but also the means to have a decent living. All Magdy has to do is agree to kill GALAL the well-known left-wing writer who is known for his anti-Islamic views. Magdy is stunned and frightened yet desperate for help. He runs out of options. So he accepts the job having no idea what killing a man entails. Fate brings Dima, a Syrian immigrant into Magdy's life. Dima is Safwat second wife and has seen Magdy with Safwat couple of times. She escapes from Safwat after he violently attacked her. Dima ends up homeless in the streets of Cairo. She meets Magdy. He is sympathetic to her plight, becomes her sole confidant and shares with her the secret of his violent past. The clock is ticking. Safwat demands that Magdy finish the job. Magdy feels the walls closing in and wonders if the Writer should be killed for his views and if so, is it then his religious duty? Magdy discovers through Dima that the question never was or even, how to kill the Writer rather it's about the man who pulls the trigger that causes the harm. And in this exploration, Magdy and Dima's journey by way of violence and death turns out to be their path to self-discovery and true redemption.

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