The Rope Curse 2

ژانـر ترسناک

سال 2020 مدت زمان 01:44:00

کارگردان Shih-Han Liao

نویسنده Tzu-Ming Ma


کشور سازنده Taiwan


جیا مین در شرایطی ماورایی به دنیا آمده و سعی دارد روح " یی آ جو " را احضار کند ....

Jia-min, who was born sensitive to the paranormal, tries to summon "Yi-A-Gu" with two streamers. Huo-ge helps Jia-min subdue the spirit when the situation goes out of hand. Huo-ge possesses supernatural powers but lost his will to exorcise demons during a battle with the Thai Demon five years ago. As the wave of suicides continues, the village is thrown into chaos. Another battle is about to begin..

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