ژانـر فانتزی | ترسناک

سال 1932 مدت زمان 01:23:00

کارگردان Carl Theodor Dreyer

نویسنده Carl Theodor Dreyer | Sheridan Le Fanu | Christen Jul

استودیو Tobis Filmkunst

کشور سازنده France Germany


"آلان گری" مسافری جوان به قلعه ای دورافتاده می رود و تصاویری غیر قابل توضیح می بیند.اما همه چیز وقتی مشخص می شود که یکی از دختران لرد قلعه تسلیم موجودی شیطانی می شود...

Traveler Allan Gray arrives in the village of Courtempierre and takes lodgings in a small inn. Gray has a great interest in the supernatural, particularly vampires. He's barely settled in when he feels a sinister force descending upon him. In the night an old man enters his room to tell him 'she must not die'. One of the old man's daughters, Leone, has been bitten by a vampire. In order to break the curse, Gray and Leone's sister Gisele must find the original vampire and drive a stake through her heart.

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