Waffle Street

ژانـر کمدی | درام

سال 2016 مدت زمان 01:26:00

کارگردان Eshom Nelms | Ian Nelms

نویسنده Eshom Nelms | Ian Nelms | Autumn McAlpin

استودیو 6 Foot Films | Side Gig Productions

کشور سازنده United States


موضوع این فیلم کمدی، اقتباسی از داستان "جیمز آدامز" در سال 2010 می باشد که یک کتاب نیز در این رابطه منتشر شده است .داستان سرمایه گذاری بعد از از دست دادن شغلش در وال استریت، برای رستگاری به یک رستوران 24 ساعته می رود و...

Waffle Street's riches-to-rags tale is an adaptation of James Adams' 2010 memoir of the same name (published by Sourced Media Books), which chronicles the financier's foray into the food industry. After being laid off at the hedge fund where he worked, and further jaded by his culpability in the crisis, Adams chose to work at a popular 24-hour diner where he claims "most of his financial knowledge has been gleaned." Offering a fresh take on the fallout of corporate greed, Adams' is a tale of the redemption and unlikely friendship found under the tutelage of Glover's character Edward, the best short-order cook in town.

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