Yalanci Sevgilim

ژانـر عاشقانه

سال 2020 مدت زمان 01:35:00

کارگردان Günay Günaydin

نویسنده Meltem Çitci

استودیو Cinephone | Eyes Yapim | MRT Film

کشور سازنده Turkey

زیرنویس چسبیده

سامی آکیاناک (Salih Güney) بازیکن سابق یشیلچام از دهه هفتاد است. او فکر میکند که به دلیل عدم دریافت پیشنهاد کاری برای مدت طولانی فراموش شده است و خود را در خانه حبس میکند. در مواجهه با این وضعیت، بلگین (اربیل تابور)، دختر زیبای محله، یک روز در خانه سامی را میزند و ...

Sami Akyanak is a former Yesilçam player from the seventies. He begins to think that he has been forgotten because he has not received job offers for a long time, and he closes himself in, almost imprisoning himself in the house. In the face of this situation, the beautiful girl of our neighborhood, Belgin, knocks on Sami's door one day and informs him that she is going to get married, but she tells the groom that she is the daughter of a wealthy family, and because she has no one, she asks him to play her wealthy grandfather when they come to ask for it. At first, Mr. Sami strongly opposes this offer, but he cannot stand the insistence of Belgin, whom he loves like his daughter. Now Belgin's game has begun. It's time to find a groom candidate and a mansion that Sami does not know. Ferit, who brings his grandfather's pocket watch to the antique shop in the neighborhood, is also included in this game. While Belgin and Ferit are working on their roles, the rapprochement between them turns into love over time. When Belgin learns that Ferit is really rich, the estrangement that started between our couple is tried to be corrected with a new game prepared by Sami Bey and the locals.

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